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Recruitment Blog Archive for: July 2007

Hiring Connections

Hiring ConnectionsHow your connections and networking can help you in the job market. More...
Published by: Hirescores on 01/07/2007

Video CVs

Video CVsThe jury is still out on video CVs. More...
Published by: Hirescores on 01/07/2007

Hiring Freelance And Contract Staff

Hiring Freelance And Contract StaffUsing freelance and contract staff can be a useful option for many businesses in search of short term, flexible solutions to staffing requirements or specific skills needs. More...
Published by: Hirescores on 01/07/2007

Staff 'Buzz'

Staff Who's job is it to promote your business? More...
Published by: Hirescores on 07/07/2007

Staff Training - Pros and Cons

Staff Training - Pros and ConsI recently attended an event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce that focused on staff training. Although I'd never given it any specific thought, an interesting point was raised about some of the potential downsides to providing training for staff. More...
Published by: Hirescores on 07/07/2007

Preparing Yourself For Interview

Preparing Yourself For InterviewGot a big interview for that perfect job? Preparation is vital. More...
Published by: Hirescores on 07/07/2007

CV Bloopers

CV BloopersJust a bit of fun with these CV bloopers More...
Published by: Hirescores on 07/07/2007

Is Recruitment Marketing?

Is Recruitment Marketing?Any marketing consultant worth his or her salt will tell you that everything is marketing - not only is it a neat way to increase their billable hours but its also very true. More...
Published by: Hirescores on 07/07/2007

Using Freelance Sales Reps

Using Freelance Sales RepsIn a previous post I discussed some of the pros and cons of using freelance and contract staff to solve staffing problems. More...
Published by: Hirescores on 07/07/2007

9 Ways You Can Be More Creative

9 Ways You Can Be More CreativeWe all know how essential creativity and creative thinking is to business success. Being creative is not always coming up with new or niche ideas it is also about positing old ideas in a new way, or finding a solution to a problem that makes you faster, More...
Published by: Hirescores on 07/07/2007

Resource Planning

Resource PlanningThe first in a series of blogs for employers about different elements of the recruitment process More...
Published by: Hirescores on 07/07/2007

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