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LogoBank Careers Direct is a specialist business that provides the country's most efficient and cost effective recruitment solution to the UK banking sector. Our objective is to work with our banking clients to create the lowest cost and highest quality recruitment solutions ever. We specialise in advertising 'customer facing' banking roles only. This means we have a very specific understanding of the 'job market' and therefore a constant supply of jobs. Using this easy to navigate site, candidates apply directly to the bank. This means a speedy application process with no unnecessary intervention by a recruitment agency. Once you have searched and found a suitable position simply apply directly to the bank via this site. If you cannot find the right position then let us work for you! Simply sign up for jobs by e-mail and we will bring the jobs to you. You may also Register for jobs by sms and be the first to apply for a new position.

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Because Bank Careers Direct specialise in customer facing banking roles, candidates know they will get a responsive and specific service. Candidates may telephone call Bank carers Direct, should they require any help or advice regarding any aspect of the application process The job board is professional and informative and is dedicated SOLELY to Retail Banks and Building Societies.

Hiring New Employees, A Guide

All companies expect employees to be able to add value to the company, help it along a successful route of growth and development, and indeed contribute to the company as much as their job requires it.  Hiring new employees should be carried out strategically and rather carefully in order to attract some of the best job hunting people to bring on board.

Below are some guidelines on hiring new employees that we think should help when you plan your next recruitment campaign.


Firstly, know the person/s you want and need, and list the minimum expectations for the roles they will play within your company or organisation.  These should include the usual such as salary, experience and personality and of course whether they will they fit in - a highly professional office may not like a person that turns out to be the office clown, and the opposite for a company that ensures it has a very relaxed atmosphere. 

Advertising a Job

Advertise with a good description of the role itself and list the requirements well.  This will provide any future interviewee with a good outline of what the role entails and, of course, they will have a good understanding before the meeting takes place.

Filtering Resumes

Gather as many résumé's as you can and go through each one, selecting those that best fit your requirements.  You don't have to be strict at this point as you will find out more about a person at the interview stage than in their resume so don't exclude any that you feel strongly about meeting.  Peruse the résumé's twice over if you feel it necessary, and start arranging interviews.

Interview Stage

Hiring new employees is a long but valuable process, and it can be quite difficult to select the right person (or people) for the job.  When planning many interviews, ensure you interview them all and don't just offer the first person you like the job.  As the interviewing takes place and you speak to more people, it becomes a good training exercise as you can ask as many questions as you need to make your decision.

At the actual meeting, asking probing questions.  You will find out at this stage what that person is like in the flesh, whether they have a positive attitude, are easy to get on with and their desire to contribute as an employee.

You will also discover if they can flow within an organisation, if they are keen to learn and take on responsibility and if they are a leader or follower.  Being able to clarify their expectations, as well as yours, can set you well on your way to making your decision if that potential employee is the best person for your company, it's growth and it's success.

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