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Automation & Information Technology have brought massive benefits to manufacturing and process industries, allowing automation to develop to a scale that could only have been dreamt about a generation ago. The need for constant innovation, forward planning and investment remain prominent; At Automation Experts our philosophy is clear, spanning all of the principal Manufacturing, Processing and Utility sectors with additional cover to Systems Integrators, Machinery OEM's and Consultancies we are dedicated to providing expert solutions for ever changing requirements. Meeting the industry's demand for a highly skilled workforce has underpinned our success; The recruitment process has continued to evolve as clients and candidates require a seamless and immediate route to success. This website has been developed specifically to offer just-in-time recruitment solutions to clients and candidates; easily managed allowing you the ability to be in control throughout the complete recruitment process.

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Agency Type: Recruitment and Employment Agency
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Industry Sectors Covered:Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,   
Job Areas Covered:Engineering & Construction,   
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With over 1000 customer sites in the UK alone, communicating on a person to person basis, we strive to exceed our clients expectations by delivering better recruitment decisions on time, every time.

Following many years experience, constantly upgrading and developing, we offer immediate support in 'creative technology' with divisions of Executive Selection, Sales & Marketing, Service, Maintenance and Advanced Engineering. We focus on the effective use of 'change' across a wide range of industries.

Fluent in Systems Engineering, our Consultants' role is to plan the recruitment process, liaising with employers to identify specific requirements and to prepare advertising reflecting both the companies individuality and vision.

Registered Clients Receive

Unlimited access to Engineers dedicated to Process Control & Industrial Automation
Search by Location, Technical Skill, Job Type, Level & Salary
Customise & Automate Candidate Search Processes
Applicants Delivered to Your Inbox - As They Register
Manage Your Vacancies On-line
Control Interview Process

The speed and efficiency of matching your vacancies to the right candidates optimises your chances of securing the right engineer. Working in partnership will ensure that all of your engineering resources are resolved successfully, supporting immediate and planned recruitment strategies.

Applicant Registration

When you register your details with Automation Experts you can rest assured that the whole process of finding you alternative employment will be dealt with confidentially and professionally.

As a Consultancy renowned for quality and commitment to clients and candidates alike, we pride ourselves on gaining an explicit understanding of your requirements in order to identify and present suitable solutions to interest you.

By completing the on-line registration process you will gain access to immediate opportunities with leading employers within the Process Control & Industrial Automation sectors.

The Power Is In Your Hands:

Seamless Link To Recruiting Managers
Review & Apply For New Vacancies
Manage Job Applications
Instant Interview Feedback Available From Clients
Automated Search Procedures
Advertise Your Profile & Update Your On-Line CV

Every step of the way, through Selection, Interviews, Offers and Commencement, our Consultants will guide you, providing the support and expert advice you deserve.

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1. Comment left on 17/03/2011 14:59
The reason for the 5 score is that they don't come back to you by phone/email to find out whether you're still looking for work as a candidate as an update. You're just treated as a candidate number.

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