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LogoAmber Associates provides specialised recruitment solutions, tailored to your organisation. Amber Associates recruits the highest quality staff to enhance your business. Large and small organisations in a variety of markets and industries, and in the public sector, trust Amber Associates with their recruitment needs. Amber Associates was founded in 2001 by current MD, Joanne James. Joanne sensed that many clients and candidates had become disillusioned with the recruitment industry and in particular recruitment agency reliance on sheer weight of numbers to fill a single vacancy. Joanne felt that a more personal service was the answer. A full member of REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) with 10+ years recruitment experience and 12 years in management, Joanne was ideally placed to bring this vision to life.

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Agency Type: Recruitment and Employment Agency
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Industry Sectors Covered:Banking, Financial and Insurance Services,    Professional Services,    Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Agro),    Government & Local Government,    Public Sector,   
Job Areas Covered:Supply Chain & Procurement,    Administrative, Secretarial and Office Services,    Accounting, Finance & Insurance,    IT,    Scientific and Technical,   
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If you are looking to further your career, Amber Associates can help. We aim to maximise your skills, match your personal preferences and meet your financial needs. Amber Associates offers a variety of rewarding positions on a Temporary, Contract or Permanent basis.

We work with you as an individual. We will never push you towards an unsuitable job or employer. Instead, we spend time with you and get to know your skills and abilities, your potential and your career expectations and objectives. This way we find the position that fits your needs and helps your career. Our testimonials confirm our reputation for "Candidate Care". We are easy to find, being based opposite Liverpool Street in the City of London.

Amber Associates really looks after its temporary staff. You will earn good rates, paid on time, directly into your bank account. We adhere strictly to all Employment Law regulations, including holiday pay entitlement, where applicable. We hold seasonal events to reward our temps for their commitment and productivity.  


Fed up with sorting through CV's and interviewing unsuitable candidates?
Amber Associates can help.

We recruit the highest quality staff on a Temporary, Contract or Permanent basis. We interview, assess and select suitable candidates for you.

From global company to new start up, whether you require one individual or an entire team,
Amber Associates will meet your business needs.


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