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Alfred Marks is a household, traditional name having been the leaders in the recruitment industry since 1919. Our values are simple, honesty, integrity and a quality of service second to none. Having over 85 years experience we are proud to have a track record of listening to our clients specific recruitment needs and providing a tailored personal recruitment service. Our priority is to be successful in your recruitment finding you the right candidate to match your specific requirements. Alfred Marks works with a diverse range of national and international organisations. Our client base consists of clients from all industry sectors. We specialise in permanent staffing although also provide temporary, contract and interim help where our clients have a requirement.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1919
No of Employees:
No of Offices:
Geographic Coverage:
Industry Sectors Covered:Food and Drink,    Energy and Natural Resources,    Consulting Services,    Construction and Building,    Banking, Financial and Insurance Services,    Arts, Design & Media,    Government & Local Government,    Health,    Industrial and FMCG,    Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Agro),    Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,    Professional Services,    Public Sector,    Recruitment,    Retail, Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,    Other,    Charity and not for profit,    Education,   
Job Areas Covered:Administrative, Secretarial and Office Services,    Accounting, Finance & Insurance,    Legal,    Sales and Marketing,    General Management,    Services & Customer Services,   
Mission Statement:

Why are we specialists in Permanent Staffing?

Alfred Marks provide a unique recruitment service for Permanent Staffing. Our approach is very different and offers our clients a consultative, professional recruitment service that will allow a success rate of between 80-90%. This unique model allows the staff at Alfred Marks to guide our clients through a process that will ensure you have the best opportunity to be successful in filling a vacancy within your specific timescales.

Professional Permanent staffing is our forte. We will work with you in partnership to fully understand the dynamics of your organisation and then apply our specific Permanent Staffing Recruitment Model to ensure your success.

Our highly acclaimed position as the market leaders gives us the advantage of attracting high quality candidates to meet our clients' specific needs. Our name alone attracts candidates, as it is so well known as the place to go if you want a new job. Research has shown that we have the highest name awareness in the recruitment business. This means that our clients have the best choice of candidates from which to make your selection.

Additionally we advertise in both local and national press and use our own job board together with the job boards of our sister companies. Other selected job boards, recruitment fayres, recruitment exhibitions etc. are also used to support our candidate attraction programme.

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