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LogoAbbey Personnel have become a leading supplier of temporary and permanent staff in the Yorkshire area. Specialising in the industrial and commercial sectors Abbey Personnel pride themselves on their commitment to quality and high standard of service offered to all their clients and employees. Abbey Personnel realise that our workforce is our most valuable asset and with this in mind we aim to provide our employees with prompt payment and many of the benefits afforded to permanent employees.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1999
No of Employees:
No of Offices:1
Geographic Coverage:UK
Industry Sectors Covered:Recruitment,   
Job Areas Covered:Administrative, Secretarial and Office Services,    Engineering & Construction,    Services & Customer Services,    Sales and Marketing,    Accounting, Finance & Insurance,    Administrative, Secretarial and Office Services,    Communications,    Engineering & Construction,    General Management,    IT,    Programme and Project Management,    Sales and Marketing,    Services & Customer Services,    Management Consulting,    Regional UK,    Graduate,    Student,   
Mission Statement:

About Us

Abbey Personnel are a customer services led organisation, we realise that to deliver the highest level of service we need to understand your business and its culture. Only after getting to know you properly will we know exactly what you are looking for. Then we can supply you with the right people with the right skills, exactly when you need them. And it does not stop there. By looking after you and the people we recruit for you and by monitoring and maintaining the standards of work they achieve, we can ensure that we build excellent ongoing working relationships.

All our candidates are thoroughly referenced and interviewed and we aim to match the right candidate to the right job first time.

In short Abbey Personnel aim to provide the best possible link between employers and the labour market providing both with comprehensive information through communications and most importantly the highest level of service and always displaying our true commitment to quality. 

Interviewing Techniques - Finding your New Recruit

So you have planned, worked through your recruiting strategy, advertised and planned some more.  If you're at the stage now where you need to conduct interviews, it's now that you need to be prepared.  This stage is a crucial part of the recruiting process and we have put together some interviewing techniques to help you in finding your new recruit.


Ensure that you are well prepared with:

  • a diary of dates and times of interviews
  • interviewees resume for referring to at your appointment
  • questions you may be asking your potential recruit - think of what strengths and weaknesses you may be looking out for
  • answers you might give to questions your are asked about the company, a breakdown of the role and remuneration

Questions to Respond To

You may be asked questions referring to:

  • how the role will progress
  • how the job may develop in the future
  • where the company is placed within the industry
  • the companies current performance within it's sector
  • who the company competes with / direct competition

Questions to Ask

Good basic questions should cover:

  • your interviewees strengths and weaknesses
  • the reasons behind them leaving their current role
  • what attracted them to apply for this job
  • their aims should they be offered the job
  • how they can perform should they decide to take the job

It is hard at this stage to advise on what to look out for, this is your opportunity to select the right job candidate that can already do the job or can learn to do it - your way.

You will most likely know immediately whether the interviewee is the right person by their appearance, by the way they carry themselves and of course being positive through the interview and showing their character and personality really helps.

Bear in mind this interview will be easier for you and your interviewee most likely nervous.  There is usually no need to be abrupt or unwelcoming, but the requirement to be professional and be a good representative of your company is important.  Sitting in a relaxed environment is a good idea, perhaps sitting next to the person not directly in front of them!

Focusing on good interview techniques with basic questions is our best suggestion, with technical or more involved questions being asked at the second interview stage. 

In summary, prepare your questions and make notes.  Select the things you find are more essential to the job and create some of your questioning around that.

When finding your new recruit, preparation and good communications are key to a successful interview where you can seek your top recruit.

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