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LogoAbacus is a privately owned independent employment agency formed in 1991 that has grown into a multi-million pound operation, specialising in the supply of Industrial, Distribution, Commercial and Catering staff. Our branch network encompasses Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey with further plans of expansion into Wiltshire in January 09. A reputation is built through correct operating practice and the provision of a productive workforce, we remember that our reputation is dependant on the quality of our staff. Whether you are a client or a candidate the likelihood is that our services will offer you true value. If our services are of interest please do not hesitate to CONTACT US through the above link, and of course all enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence, and without obligation.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1991
No of Employees:
No of Offices:6
Geographic Coverage:
Industry Sectors Covered:Retail, Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality,    Industrial and FMCG,    Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,   
Job Areas Covered:Scientific and Technical,   
Mission Statement:

Client Services...

With over seventeen years of successful trading behind us Abacus has the experience to deliver. Our staff will have either worked within a similar industry to yourselves or have previous recruitment experience.

The majority of our full time employees have been with the company for many years with staff retention currently at an average of five years. We know that understanding your needs takes time and that providing you with a continuity of service is the key to making the partnership work.

Using temporary labour in a controlled way offers many benefits and can be one of the most cost effective ways in controlling staffing costs.

You receive a weekly invoice based on hours worked with no hidden costs. Abacus pay the temporary workers National Insurance Contributions, Holiday Pay and Statuary Sick Pay.

Before an assignment is offered every candidate undertakes a formal interview and references are requested and checked in line with our ISO accreditation.

A flexible workforce doesn't have to mean compromise.

Candidate Services...

Whether you are looking for full or part-time employment, there are many benefits available to our candidates and our service is completely free.

All of our full time staff are either experienced Recruitment Consultants or will have relevant industry knowledge. You will receive a service that includes confidentiality, honesty and where applicable, training.

Our temporary workforce benefit from holiday pay, varied work, competitive hourly pay rates, weekly pay and we can even arrange subsidised transport to and from work.

In addition, we offer genuine out of hours support through our manned phone service from 05.00 - 20.00hrs, seven days a week.

We are always looking to increase our database with quality applicants, so contact us if you are looking for employment in INDUSTRIAL, DISTRIBUTION, COMMERCIAL OR CATERING.

We look forward to working with you.


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