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LogoOne size does not fit all! Because your business is unique your needs are unique. That's why we offer effective and tailored recruitment strategies specifically for your company. At Aadept we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients. We use our collective 45 years experience to develop the best manpower planning solutions for your business. Whether your need is for ad hoc temporary staff or for long term staffing solutions we believe that by combining our resources, knowledge and commitment we offer a range and level of services unrivalled by our competitors.

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Agency Type: Contract Resourcing
Start Date: 2003
No of Employees:6 - 10
No of Offices:
Geographic Coverage:
Industry Sectors Covered:Industrial and FMCG,   
Job Areas Covered:Other,    General Management,    Trades,   
Mission Statement:

About Us

Aadept combines over 45 year’s experience of working in the recruitment sector. As an independent business we are able to offer our clients a degree of flexibility and cost efficiency often not easily afforded by our multi national competitors.

We are able to achieve this through our longstanding policy of recruiting a combination of seasoned recruitment professionals, alongside individuals from a non recruitment background, who have complimentary personnel, training and HR experience. This unique blend of skills allows us to better respond to and anticipate client’s needs in ways often outside the scope of a standard recruitment concern.
Increasingly clients who use our services are also reassured by our philosophy of “responsible recruitment” which sets a new standard of accountability for the provision of manpower planning.
The theme of “responsible recruitment” is central to all the services we offer to both clients and applicants for work. 

The services we offer include the following:

  •  Contract staffing solutions on a flexible basis (including 24 hour call out)
  •  Permanent recruitment solutions all levels, including management positions
  •  On site training and bespoke inductions for staff supplied
  •  On site supervision for contract operatives
  •  Full health and hygiene training for operatives
  •  Ongoing updates for employment legislation changes
  •  Advice on recruitment strategy and current pay rates for operatives in your business sector
  •  Tailor made flexible solutions to your business needs
  •  Full and comprehensive screening and skills selection of all employees
  •  Effortless timesheet/invoicing systems
  •  Dedicated account handlers with specific awareness of your business needs

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