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LogoWe believe the secret to accurate and time saving IT recruitment is the application of real IT knowledge within the hiring process. Vivamex deploy people with genuine IT industry experience at key stages within our hiring process, including crucially: A proper understanding of your business requirements, A proper understanding of your technical requirements, Manual selection of the final cut of CV's presented to you, Candidate technical competence verification. We are members of REC and our technical consultants also have their own industry body affiliations. As such we are well versed in agency, contract and employment law and aim to be fair and accurate in our dealings with both contractors and employees as well as employers. We cover the UK Nationwide from our North West London base and also have an administration office in Leicester.

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Agency Type: Recruitment and Employment Agency
Start Date: 1998
No of Employees:2 - 5
No of Offices:2
Geographic Coverage:UK
Industry Sectors Covered:Consulting Services,    Professional Services,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,   
Job Areas Covered:IT,    Programme and Project Management,   
Mission Statement:IT Recruitment by consultants with genuine IT knowledge

Public Sector IT Recruitment

Permanent: We understand that you have significant messages to pass to prospective employees regarding the considerable attractions of career advancement, pension entitlements and training in a stable public sector environment.  We believe it is important to communicate these attributes in a manner that is attractive to candidates and explains the real depth of employee benefit on offer, assisting them in making fully informed career decisions.

Contractors: Sometimes you will want a visionary interim or contractor to import new vigor and best practice methods. Yet others you will want steady state service during staff leave, peak demand or pending recruitment of a permanent alternative.  The key thing is that the ideal candidates in each case have identical skills but different personalities. Vivamex understand this subtle difference.  We use a high quality search and selection process involving genuine IT consultants rather than simplistic computer matching by agency "executives"; This allows us to identify the real candidate behind the CV, putting forward the right person for the job.  It's not rocket science - just a proper discussion of what you want and what they can provide. 

Corporate IT Recruitment

Permanent Staff: For senior roles you will be looking for someone who has demonstrable top flight skills and experience, but more commonly your ideal is to locate enthusiastic and alert employees who will grow as your organisation grows, potentially becoming it's executives of tomorrow. We believe we can assist you in this by paying attention to what the candidates are saying to us and how they are saying it, rather than just matching CV's to requirements in a simple minded way  From a group of ten equally skilled candidates there may be as few as two that we would actually send to interview. 

Contractors must provide value for money. As a corporate executive hiring a contractor you are looking for a specific set of skills for the job in hand, but also someone who will leave a lasting impression that helps your company to learn and grow.  Unless you specifically ask us for a "pure developer" we will always look for someone who can communicate effectively and pass on their knowledge in addition to delivering a high quality service around the job in hand.


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