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LogoExtraman is one of London's leading independent suppliers of unskilled temporary labour. Many of our clients have been supplied by Extraman for many years, a testament to our commitment to quality and service. From single temps for one day to flexible managed contracts, Extraman meets the needs of all sizes of businesses in London and the South-East. Extraman is committed to providing work-seekers with a professional service. Working mainly within the distribution, construction, exhibition and warehousing sectors, we offer opportunities to thousands of temporary workers every year. We pride ourselves on treating workseekers with respect and honesty and many remain working with us for many years.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1970
No of Employees:
No of Offices:
Geographic Coverage:UK
Industry Sectors Covered:Construction and Building,    Industrial and FMCG,   
Job Areas Covered:Engineering & Construction,    Trades,   
Mission Statement:

Extraman has been supplying industrial labour for almost 40 years, and from our current Head Office in Earl's Court since 1976. With it's excellent transport connections and central location, Earl's Court lends itself to accessing a wide cross section of society, and for years has been a magnet for a high quality overseas workers. Our temporary worker profile is truly international, and a significant majority or our workforce will be typically from Australasia, South Africa, Eastern and Western Europe and the Commonwealth.

As an owner-managed Company, all of our permanent staff are involved hands-on in the operation of the business, and all of our clients have access to the Directors of the Company, who take pride in ensuring that service levels are of the highest order.

Extraman is committed to working to the standards of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, and we have attained GLA approval.

Our Team

The Senior Management team of Extraman has accumulated a service history that is rare in this competitive and often transient market sector. The loyalty that Extraman engenders in its staff has ensured continuity and consistency of service that has reaped benefits for both the Company and our Clients, and many of these have remained equally loyal to the Extraman brand.

We freshen up our team from time to time by attracting a rare breed of earlybird Consultants (our office opens at 6am!), often from the far reaches of the planet, who often give us one to two years of heady service before heading home to establish themselves as industry leaders with the knowledge and experience gained in the heartland that is London SW5.

All of the operations are backed up by back office staff for whom the integrity of ensuring temps receive the service they deserve is paramount. For us, our temps represent an integral part of our team, and many have remained on our books for years, and occasionally decades...


Extraman is as much an institution in Earl's Court as are over-crowded hotels, fast-food outlets, and dodgy stickers in phone boxes, and just about as well patronised. Almost 40 years of organising and placing legions of staff from all over the world has provided us with an experience in our field that others can only dream about.

Starting in the year that The Beatles split up, Extraman has prospered through recessions, strikes, wars and reality TV to become, we believe, the largest independent supplier of unskilled labour in London.

Sited within view of the underground station, and on a direct line from Heathrow Airport, Extraman has been the first port of call for thousands of workseekers over the years who have heard of Extraman's abilities to match their requirements to those scores of companies and institutions that come to us to source their temporary staff.

From the earliest days when Extraman operated out of a single office in Waterloo, through the move to Earl's Court in the 1970's, and currently from our three offices in London and the South -East, Extraman has provided a high quality service to some of the UK's leading companies and to small enterprises alike. Each has their own individual requirement, and Extraman's uniquely personal approach, together with access to a high quality labour pool, means that some of those have remained clients throughout many of our decades of trading, often becoming close friends.

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