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LogoA* Star Teachers is dynamic teacher recruitment company with a passion for and commitment to education. This refreshing difference results from A* Star Teachers being owned, managed and run by teachers and headteachers. We aim to be the best teacher recruitment company "ever" and we therefore provide a truly outstanding service to our teachers and schools. We have an extensive understanding of UK Education, teacher recruitment and professional development enabling us to provide excellent support to our teachers and schools.

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"A* Star Teachers - Committed to Education"

We work with a variety of schools in London and the south - east, placing teachers in all subjects from nursery to A levels. In addition we place in Special Ed Needs, classroom assistant and nursery nurse posts and provide a wide range of daily supply, short term, long term and permanent placements.

UK Teachers

The UK has over 150 Education Authorities and more than 30,000 schools. To contact each of these separately is obviously not practical. In addition no matter how much research is undertaken, sometimes a position or school just does not suit a teacher. This leads to dissatisfaction for both the teacher and the school. Using A* Star Teachers can help you avoid these pitfalls.

We will give you impartial advice and facts and can place you according to your profile (see Support and Services Offered and Types of Work). In addition you can often start off in a school as a supply teacher and later become permanent (if you and the school so desire)

School Managers

A* Star Teachers has long been associated with the provision of support and management expertise to schools in London.  Our success and the reputation we have acquired in delivering such services have prompted us to expand our management recruitment programme. We are now, therefore looking to attract applications from experienced school leadership candidates with a proven track record to assist improving schools on both a daily supply and contract basis.

Within the coming years demand from schools for management skills is set to increase considerably. Indeed it has already begun to gather pace as remodelling and diversification create a strong market for leadership and its implementation. If you are currently at a managerial level in a school or feel are ready to step up from your present position to occupy such a post, do contact us.

A*Star was founded with the principal aim of assisting schools to attain consistent quality in teaching personnel. Join us to help take commitment further and to promote our achievement throughout London where the name of A*Star is increasingly associated with the very best instincts of the capital's teaching profession.
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