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LogoSpecialist recruitment to recruitment with an active mergers and acquisitions division. 24seven provide staff to build the business up plus the knowledge to execute an exit or growth strategy. We are one of the most established recruitment to recruitment agencies in Europe.

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Agency Type: Recruitment to Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1997
No of Employees:11 - 15
No of Offices:2
Geographic Coverage:London and South East
Industry Sectors Covered:Recruitment,   
Job Areas Covered:Administrative, Secretarial and Office Services,    Business Services (H&S, Facilities, Planning, Security),    Communications,    Engineering & Construction,    General Management,    Human Resources,    IT,    Legal,    Medical, Pharmacy & Dentistry,    Operations,    Programme and Project Management,    Recruitment Consultancy,    Sales and Marketing,    Services & Customer Services,    Scientific and Technical,    Supply Chain & Procurement,    Management Consulting,    Trades,    Other,   
Mission Statement:Providing access to the best recruiters in the industry.

Opportunities For Employers At HireScores.com Recruitment And Resourcing Information Site

HireScores.com was set up to provide independent information on recruitment, meeting the interests and needs of candidates, recruiters and employers and leading to increased effectiveness and performance in all aspects of recruitment. 

In brief, candidates are able to make themselves heard by submitting ratings and feedback of their experiences of the recruitment industry. Recruiters get the chance to demonstrate their commitment to providing a top-class service. The also get access to the feedback they need to meet and exceed both candidate and client expectations. Employers can find the information they need to assess their own performance and measure the effectiveness of their recruitment partners.

The site has a number of features and the offering is very broad.  This note touches on some of the key areas and services for companies who seek to recruit staff and make best use of recruitment agencies and improve their own recruitment practices.

HireScores.com has a uniquely independent position in the recruitment space and is all about information and recruitment performance improvement.  Employers can derive benefit in six main areas:

  • Access to information from candidates with respect to recruiters - offering unique insights into ‘the candidate experience', thus enabling evaluation and comparison of the impact that recruiters are having on candidates and by implication the brand and reputation of their recruitment partners (employers);
  • Access to information from employers (including themselves) with respect to recruiters - offering both insights and information but also comparative data;
  • Access to confidential information from candidates on themselves as recruiters - using the site to collect market intelligence on their company as a recruiter and thus accessing both unique insights but also comparative data;
  • Access to feedback from recruitment partners on your company as a recruiter and as a purchaser;
  • Improved measurement and metrics in the area of recruitment - leading to performance improvement and cost reduction;
  • As a source of general information and support in the recruitment area.
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