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LogoAt 1st Class-Recruitment we combine talented individuals with exciting career opportunities across the U.K. By working with our business you will have access to an agency that are keen to provide you with a high quality service second to none. Working on your behalf we will also utilise our enviable database of candidates, plus of course our contacts and processes to search for suitable candidates to meet your specific requirements...

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Agency Type: Recruitment Consultancy
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Industry Sectors Covered:Industrial and FMCG,    Health,   
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First Hand Experience

Whenever and wherever possible, we meet the clients before sourcing staff on their behalf. This hands-on approach allows us to understand a corporate culture quickly; ensuring that the candidates we recommend meet the brief in terms of professionalism and personality. It also provides the end employer with the peace of mind of a dedicated point of contact.

The Personal Touch

The same applies to our relationship with potential recruits. All references are checked, and unlike some agencies, where possible we meet the people we put forward for positions. Candidates are skill-tested across a range of disciplines and then given a in-depth interview by one of our consultants. After all, matching employer and employee ambitions and aspirations at the outset means there are no unwanted surprises at a later stage.

Our Candidates

1st Class-Recruitment, continually strives to expand and update its database of quality applicants by continual targeted advertising and marketing activities within a variety of local & national media. This would include well established job boards, local & national press, relevant trade publications & exhibitions, job fairs, internet advertising and previous applicant referral.

Our Services

All applicants are treated with respect & dignity and undergo a consultative registration interview and where necessary are tested utilising our "state of the art" in-branch testing facilities. Our aim is to work in partnership with all of our applicants, whether they are looking for permanent or temporary positions. We listen, learn and genuinely care about our applicants aspirations. We are able to offer career, CV and interview advice and recommend, where appropriate, further education and/or training courses that will further enhance your chances of employment. 1st Class-Recruitment operates on an equal opportunities policy across all elements of its activities.

Our Clients

Recruiting can be a time consuming and expensive process - and there are no guarantees that you will hire the right person. At 1st Class-Recruitment we are specialists in sourcing qualified and proven employees.

Our Services

We offer a full range of professional staffing services, from temporary & contract staffing to permanent placements and executive search. We partner with you to solve your specific staffing challenges, and save you from the frustration and hidden costs of doing your own recruitment. 1st Class-Recruitment eliminates the stack of resumes on your desk and provides you with the exact person you're looking for. We offer a 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee.
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